Professional Plumber

Are you tired of always calling your plumber? Well, if this is the case, then you can make use of the following tricks from Wilmington professional plumbers so as to ensure that the number of times you call in your plumber is able to reduce.

Make sure that watch whatever it is that you are putting down your disposal

It is important for all of you to understand that your disposal is not a trashcan whereby you can throw anything inside. There are a number of items that tend to cause serious drain clogs once you put them into your disposal. Some of the materials that you should make sure you keep away from your drain so as to ensure that your disposal is able to maintain a healthy condition include the following:

  • • Large bones
  • • Fruit pits
  • • Rice
  • • Nuts
  • • Shrimp shells
  • • Potato peels
  • • Onion skins
  • • Pasta
  • • Grease
  • • Banana peels

Make sure that you insulate your pipes

Insulation of pipes is very important especially in areas that are prone to freezing and bursting of pipes. The amount of money that you are going to spend when it comes to insulation and piping is considered to be less compared to the amount of money you may have to use when you are trying to fix the damages that the broken pipes may end up causing. Even though it is obvious to you that you need to ensure that your outdoor pipes are well insulated especially during the winter season, it is still important to note that other pipes may end up freezing as well due to the very low temperatures. Even though these pipes run under a temperature regulated area in the house, things like electrical power going off may happen. You may not be around when this takes place since you may have gone for a vacation or you may not be expecting the temperature to drop down so low. The best way for you to handle such a problem is by ensuring that you have the right kind of insulation on all of your pipes regardless of where they are.

Make sure that you are able to maintain your shower and sink drains

Make use of mesh screens in the shower so that you are able to keep away any kind of drain-clogging materials. When it comes to your bathroom or kitchen sink, it is important for you to make sure that items like cosmetics, grease, cotton balls, matches, and Q-tips are kept out of your drains. You can also go ahead to install drain guards in your bathroom sinks so that you can be able to educate your family about what is safe to put down the drain and what isn't.